Question about negative equity on a financed vehicle

I’m currently financing a 2021 Range Rover Sport P525 with 35k miles on it and I’ve come to the realization that I’m tired of driving an SUV. Current payment is $1,730. I had intended to refinance after 4 months but when I went to do so I was told I could only do up to what they appraised the vehicle at. I did a few inquiries and I’m about $25k upside down from what dealers were offering me. I have the $25k coming to me in the form of a bonus so I’m not taking money from savings or investments.

Is it completely crazy to trade in the vehicle, pay the negative equity and walk? I would be going back into leasing since I don’t like to keep vehicles very long. Or, do I suck it up and just pay off the RR hoping that I’m not slammed with any big repairs?

Any other suggestions on how I should handle?

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Depends on how bad you want out of an SUV. If you’re that tired of it, than the $25k is what it’s going to take to make the change. No doubt that sticking out the term will be the most cost effective though, especially if you’re going back to leasing.

What’s the remaining balance?

$78k left on the note

Check for best offer here

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I think you were crazy to sign up for $1730 a month, so blowing your bonus to get out of it seems pretty reasonable