Question about carfax

i sold my car to shift, i had a accident at one time that was covered by my insurance (costs was > $3000), i was expecting this to be shown on the carfax report. today i checked my car was listed on shift, but it shows nothing…

I always had the impression that insurance covered repairs will be shown on carfax report, is that not the case ? i am in CA if that helps.

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How long ago was it?

I had the same thing happen. About 18 months ago a texting teen rolled into the back of my Crosstrek at a stop sign and I had to get a new bumper. The other party’s insurance paid for it, was about $1,100 and I had the work done by the Subaru dealer bodyshop. I am looking to sell my car and pulled the Carfax and it’s clean

in 2016 i think

That’s interesting. Just got rid of my crosstrek which was tapped low speed as the last car in a 3 car collision. Car was 300 miles old. Had the bumper fixed

Not a clean car fax, definitely was not at fault and all docs indicated as such.

Sold to Algo. Every 3rd party wanted to ding me for it. Algo heard my explanation that it was cosmetic and they came back up. Really only stopped because I was a witness and new car, didn’t know if the sensors were impacted. Didn’t want to find out the hard way.

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Not all dealers report to CarFax. Also, did you have an associated police report filed for it? If not, chances are low that it will be reported as well.

Ok so way outside the lag of some data dump coming on a quarterly or annual basis

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I’d say if it didn’t hit your you got lucky. Repair shops and insurance companies generally report it, and while none of my accidents have ever been my fault (knock wood), I’ve yet to not have an accident hit the car fax.

Not a lot, but a handful in 25 years of driving.

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Since it was paid by Insurance, I am extremely surprised it isn’t on CarFax. Insurance people do like to keep track of things like that and CLUE and Carfax are those tools.

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Yeah, but the insurance company cannot legally stop you from going to a shop that does not share records with CarFax. The contract is between the insurer and the insured, not necessarily the dealer unless you go to one of their “preferred shops”.

I know how much we all love to trust our vehicle history reports but there are still ways to circumvent that.

Have you checked the AutoCheck report on your car? That’s run by Experian and they might have different records on file.

My total loss from a couple of weeks ago already shows an accident on record because I filed a police report. Car has never been to a shop and the insurance company simply appraised. But since my vin was on the police report, it has already been reported as such.

I was responding to OP’s message of he used his insurance. I didn’t go into which shop he used, though I would suspect he would’ve been directed to an ‘approved shop’ which means Carfax.

Ok yeah so I guess I was lucky. When I was quoting from those dealers, I specified there was one accident because I was assuming it would be in my carfax report. So almost every quote I got was around 9k, only shift was quoting 16k for me, so today when I check the listing I found my carfax report is clean. And they are selling it for 1k over the price they paid me. Anyway, I am happy.

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I’m glad you were honest and ethical by disclosing the damage to Shift. As others mentioned, Carfax is only as good as the data they get from insurance companies and body shops. If you disclosed it was in an accident, the carfax doesn’t, and Shift doesn’t to the next buyer…oof.

Normally I wouldn’t suggest someone post their VIN, but here you might be doing the next buyer a solid.

I’d take Carfax info with a grain of salt, either way, damage can be unreported, under reported or miss reported.

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