Question about California CAV HOV Stickers for Leased Vehicles

Question for those who have experience leasing low-emission vehicles in California. I have leased a 2017 Chevy Bolt in California, which definitely qualifies for white HOV lane stickers:

In the FAQ and on the application, they seem to be very specific about the name of the registered owner of the vehicle.

My question(s) for those who have done it are: How exactly should this application be filled out? Does the leasing company need to be the named registrant on the application? Do I need to be? Can I file this application, or does the leasing company need to do it?

Hey Rcrcr,

When you fill out the section 1. (Current registered owner section) it should be your name and your address. My dealer fill it all out for me when I leased my i3 and all I had to do was mail it in with $8 check if I remember correctly.
Dealer should have a DMV clerk if you want to make sure.
Same goes for your $2,500 rebate check With air resources board. Your name and your address etc.

Congrats on the bolt!

Just got my Chevy Bolt… curious if any LeaseHackrs know if there is an expedited way to process the application (i.e. via a DMV clerk) or if I just mail the form per directions:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Special Processing Unit - MS D238
PO Box 932345, Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

Also, if submitting by mail… what was the experienced wait time?

…as I recall with my Leaf 3 years ago, it took around 3 mos to get the stickers and I could not even submit the application until I first got my license plates - so a long delay, which I was hoping to avoid the wait to use HOV lanes.

leased my car on may 5th, got my plates on june 4th. mailed my application for stickers in on june 5th, got my stickers on july 5th.

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Bumping this question.

My CA DMV registration has my name on the second line and the leasing company on the first line. On the CA DMV application for the HOV decals, it says “CURRENT REGISTERED OWNER INFORMATION (name printed must match DMV records)”, which seems to suggest that one must include the leasing company name.

Can someone who leased a vehicle and recently gotten the HOV stickers comment on how they filled this part out?

When I did mine, I just used my name.

you fill it out as the owner. your name and info. take “owner” as “leasee”

Hi, I had a question about the sticker in CA, is the timeline still a month? Do they notify you when they receive the check? I sent it about two weeks ago. thank you,

The online system says the registered owner does not match when I enter my name.

Anyone knows what should be entered for first and last name in case of lease?

Would a CPO lease eligible for CA HOV sticker?

As long as it has never been issued a CAV sticker then you’re good.

Don’t think there is any way to check though :confused:

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