Quarter end buying or May buying

My mom has a lease coming up at the end of May. It’s only 2 payments of $500. Do you guys think I should look into getting into a car before this quarter end or wait until end of the lease. The plus with quarter end is that there seems to be more deals due to the fiscal end, but then I also have to deal with the possible early termination/negative equity. I don’t think her current lease has any equity in it, I can’t believe a Toyota is upside down (about $1K)

Depends - BMW seems to be blowing out 2018 models. Haven’t see much movement from the others…

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I dn’t think u will get better with BMW from next month

Not to mention that 2018 may not be leasable next month …

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I believe some Japanese makers end their FY in March so you may get some “December-like” deals.

Also, as mentioned, support for ‘18 is ending soon most likely.

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She’s old and stubborn probably just gonna buy. I am trying to see if it is worth flying back home 2 months early for it

What is she looking at getting?

Toyota, Subaru or Honda. I think she is leaning toward Prius now, but I sort of want her to have AWD.