Qualification for BMW Loyalty Rebate


I’m looking to lease a BMW but currently don’t have loyalty. I wanted to know what BMW considers ownership in order to qualify for the rebate. I’ve considered buying a used/junk BMW car or motorcycle. I’ve also thought about buying a cheap used BMW from the dealership (most have a under 10K section) and then trading that car when I lease the new car.

I’ve seen this topic posted a view times but none of the threads seem to have an answer. Hopefully someone here has attempted this and can provide some light.

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I should say this might not be a good idea based on the dollar difference between loyalty and conquest. If you buy a car for $5k you will be in it for $6k after taxes and fees. Then when you trade it in, a dealer will probably offer $2k-$3k. You need to find one for dirt cheap (like $500) to make it worthwhile.

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BMW Motorcycles count as loyalty too!
Can pick up a cheap one for under $2k and then flip it later on…

Lease a factory demo at a good price (above 5k mi), and you are in the club. Use it for 24m or flip it on swapalease, get you dream car later

Loyalty incentive comes and goes and it varies in amount on some models. For example it’s 1250 on an X7 right now. I would just work for the best deal possible and not worry about 1k.

Worrying about maximum incentive is like trying to stack up maximum reward points on you credit card. At the end of the day you’ll end up spending more so just don’t do it.

What’s the conquest rebate, or is there one? If there is conquest, it’s not worth your time to try and get loyalty.

Just sign up for BMW CCA and use that rebate.

He never mentioned what model he’s looking at :man_shrugging:t5:

Loaner X3. I believe its 1,500 for loyalty and 750 for conquest. I dont think CCA applies to loaners.

Better still… Find a lease transfer with around 6 months left on the lease (the minimum allowed) and then you are in…

Only will work if transferer finances the whole process, otherwise the $750 difference between conquest and loyalty is wiped out.