Q60 red sport $589/month 12k singed

Today I got my new Q60 red sport I’d like to thank everyone who helped me and answer my question and special thanks for Mike @aronchi who got me the deal. He is even added rims and tire insurance for 799

Great looking ride! Congrats.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Congrats on the ride dude

one day i wanna have a car with red seats, looks sick @WISS!

Yes Man the red look nice

I got to sit in it during delivery yesterday. The red is so hot. Everything should have red leather.

I agree…red was a must when I got my Q

Jealous I wish my Q50 RS had red leather!

congrats…you’ll have a blast. i love my q60 as well…white with red interior.

Man, looks like ur in NJ. What’s the MSRP and selling price if you don’t mind. If you recommend, PM me the dealer info.

I used a broker @aronchi. Hope that will help