Q60 false advertising?

I received this email from infiniti of Chicago and here is what they’re offering me. Am i misinterpreting something? I’m genuinely getting angry considering i’m wasting my time going back and forth with this rep when the add clearly says what it says.

His response :" If you have 4 remaining payment of $290 we have a balance of $1,160. Originally we were assuming 6 payments, which was $1,740 - $1,160 = $580 difference ÷ 39mo = $14.87mo. This difference, and the slight decrease in tax and rate would reduce your payment to $496.49mo with the same $2,500 down. "

Heres exactly what i expected: 399 + 29.74(previous lease rolled in) + 43(15k miles instead of 10k) = $471. He initially quoted me at 520 until i called him out.

My math is clearly correct, so my question is, since they have it advertised, what can i do about actually locking in the deal?

Ads looks fair and correct to me. $0 down means $0 cap cost reduction.

That is not false advertise, the number just dont add up when you talk number because he didnt know you have 4 or 6 month roll over from previous lease. Until you sign the deal and he know from your bank that you owe only 4 month but he charging you 6 month then he might have the problem.

From this deal, first ask him to send you the numbers without the pull ahead. Break the fees down, make sure there is no add on bs like door etching etc. 2500 is too much imo. The monthly payment is seem right to me though bc his number included tax.