Q50RS Need a little help with this lease

I would like to lease a 2018 Q50 Red Sport and here are the numbers sent from the dealer, they have been great so far. My deal has a trade (with equity) involved.

2018 Q50RS
MSRP: 59280
Sale Price: 47823
Money Factor 0.00090 Residual 54% 39/12k Lease in Texas
The dealer sent me the quote below. The -2000 and -4000 are cash back from the trade if I decide not to use it for cap reduction. I did ask about using the equity for paying MSDs to reduce the money factor instead of paying down the cap, but have not heard back yet.
Tax credit on my trade in is $2,250 that will help offset the taxes on the lease.
EDIT. I also asked about the $2000 cash back and how much would the drive off be on that one. The response was $825 for first month and fees and the rest to cap reduction.

I apologize if I left out any information.

A couple thoughts on this. The money factor is relatively low on the Q50 Infiniti, the money factor is .00090 or 2.16%. The MSD will not affect the numbers that much as it lowers the money factor.

I would have them pay the equity on the trade to you in cash. It will make the numbers easier to understand and compare too. If you have read most of the posts on here, you shouldn’t put money down on the lease to reduce the cap cost.

Some of members have gotten extremely good deals on the Red Sport lately. I would use the search button to compare. The MSRP on the car will factor into this as well.

The bottom of the quote is a little confusing. I am assuming 501.81 per month with tax for 12k per year and nothing down?

See if you can get more off the MSRP and exclude the trade. Do you qualify for VPP?

Thanks for the response, I did look at the other Q50 deals here and this car is at Sewel in Dallas and they have been very responsive and upfront with everything so far. I missed the Texas tax credit that ended last month that had the MF at 0.00003 which would have saved me a lot of money. And you are correct the last one listed is $4000 cash back from the trade and using the rest of the equity for drive off fees.

I do not qualify for VPP

Dealer I talked to said I could do MSDs to drop the MF to .0001. It would have knocked $60 off the payment.

Define “that much.” In my case, reducing the mf from .00065 to .00005 was able to save me ~55/month and over 2k over the lease term. I felt it was worth it.

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He got back with me, 4400 in MSDs would mean a MF of 0.00010 and a monthly of around $453 rest of the equity of the trade going towards taxes and etc for drive off.

At a monthly of 501, each MSD would cost you 550.
IIRC, each MSD rounds UP to the nearest $50. If you put a little money down to reduce your payment to 499-500 (whichever the cutoff would be), each MSD would then only cost 500.

Thanks an EXCELLENT point! I overlooked that! I may not get an answer tonight but I did send this to the dealer.

Thanks Sgtr275