Q50 Trading Honda accord

Anyone think it’s possible to trade in my 2014 Honda Accord with 37,000 miles it’s an Lx, I owe 15.2 and one infinity gave me 11,000 ACV. I’d be rolling 4,200.

Any chance I can maintain 399/mo on a 3.0t? Curious before I go see in a week or so.

Go get an independent offer from carmax, dealers lowball trades by nature.

Generally speaking rolling in negative equity is a horrible idea for many reasons. I would focus on selling it to carmax or evev private party first.

With that said using october programs I negotiated (but didnt sign) a $47k msrp Q50 3.0 for $340/mo + tax with <$1600 drive offs (including first month), so if November programs held and you don’t take the “easy” route of rolling in all that neg because all you care about is a payment you can probably do much better than your original goal.