Q50 red sport with negative equity

I owe -$4,000 on my trade. Thought?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: INFINITI Q50 Red sport 400
MSRP: $55,915
Monthly Payment: $547
Drive-Off Amount: $3,000
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00112
Region:Ventura ca
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I think you should pay down your current ride before getting into a new one and rolling negative.


That’s better than rolling it over? I am assuming because I am paying taxes on it?

It’s very fortunate for you that you’re here prior to signing.

This question demonstrates that you need to read the :poop: out of this website. Become skilled at estimating math and payments. Learn about MF and RV and how the play together. Brush up on the incentives and current residuals and MF for the cars you’re interested in.

Or, skip that noise: hire a broker.



I have read a little bit. The deal seemed ok basing it off the payments. How do I hire a broker? Sorry man. Very green here.

Start here.



The trade completely confounds this deal. It’s impossible to evaluate the deal overall without more info/context on the trade. Offers from Carvana/vroom/carmax, other dealer offers, etc.

If you are underwater on it, try not to roll
It into the new lease if you can afford it. No point in paying taxes and rent charge on the negative equity.

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Def be wary on the 39 month term. Here in SoCal where a tag is like $500 for that car, any savings on the monthly :peanuts: are quickly blown away by purchasing a tag for the last three months. You buy 12 months of registration and use three. It’s a big cost here.


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2013 G37 journey sedan with 52,000 on it. Perfect condition. Gotten 12k at two dealers and owe 16k.

Lots more than two places to sell a used car in SoCal. I’d focus on that aspect.


$12K is pretty good for that car the MMR is $10.5K. How is this vehicle presently financed. I can understand rolling over equity if it means paying off that equity at lower interest rate. It doesn’t look like that terrible a deal for a RS, without the inequity your payment would be like $85/mo lower.

Yet you are so desperate to get out of it that you are willing to eat $4k. Alrighty then.

Put the vin in caravan’s website. It takes 2 min and 46.3 seconds to get a quote. But damn owing 16k on a 7 year old g37. I assume you bought it used?

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Uh ya man. I want a faster car. Is that ok with you?

Yah I will check it out. They are listing for like 15k but yah when I bought it my credit was shit. I refinanced it last year.

I was thinking the payments weren’t to bad. I may wait it out. I test drove the RS which was my first mistake. Now I got the bug to get one haha.

My unsolicited advice:

Ride your current situation till you’re even with trade in value. Make extra payments if that’s an option. Or just wait it out.

Think how much better that fast car will feel when it’s over $100 a month cheaper. It’ll be like getting insurance for free.

Infiniti is in a precarious position currently. In a handful of months they may be very desperate or nearly out of business.

I see no down side to waiting. Other than the obvious, which is being patient isn’t fun.


Edit: and consider using a broker. SoCal is lousy with them. And they do good work.


Appreciate you! Been giving great and non-judge mental advice! Seems like the logical thing to do!

This car isn’t depreciating very fast at this point, and assuming a nominal refinance interest rate, an extra $500/month toward principal on top of your regular payment will have you about even by Thanksgiving.

If $500 doesn’t work, pick a smaller number and wait just a bit longer.

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Remember in the first post where you asked the reading public for their thoughts? Just giving you what you requested. So, no, it is not OK with me. Well, OK, I don’t care, as it is your money that you are throwing away. But my thoughts are someone is being foolish with their money.