Q50 red sport lease question

Carrollton, tx 75010
So the car MSRP is 58720.
I’m trading in my car that has 11700 remaining on the loan and they offered 14800.
They said with rebates and everything before the trade brings it down to 51000.
Saying payment is 584.
0down at signing

I would never mix a trade in and purchase at the same dealer. Get quotes from Carvana, Vroom, Carmax ect to see what they offer for your current car.


Zero down isn’t true, your down payment is your trade in, around $3k right? I agree with @Bigpoppa09 with not mixing it with the lease. Also we need more info on the lease to know how good of a deal it really is.

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With the $3k trade in amount (assuming you’re not getting them to write you a check for it) makes the monthly payment ~$670 p/m.

Did they offer sales tax credits? That would knock a significant chunk off the monthly. Have a search here for similar Q50 RS deals. I would want to be at around $500p/m based on other deals we’ve had here on the Q50 or Q60 RS.

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I think the tax credit was part of everything that brought it down from 58720 to 51000.

I’m trying to get one soon.
What other information do you need for me to try and get one?

I would start with trying to go for a lower MSRP vehicle, that’s about $7k in options on the RWD version. None of the options on the Q50 add performance, if you don’t need/want them they’re just inflating the cost.

Have you compared the lease numbers on the 2018 and 2019, there are still 2018s in Texas and you’ll have more bargaining power getting a vehicle that has been on the lot for longer. Compare the MF, residual and incentives for the 2018 and 2019s as that might dictate which one makes more sense. Obviously if you’re more specific on colors or options you’re likely to end up paying significantly more.

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I agree…adding a trade into the leasing deal makes things more complicated. You have to be even more careful with the figures. That’s not a very good deal at all. You’re looking at approximately $664/month all in. Also, make sure that they are giving you the correct amount for trade, etc. Its easy for them to wiggle the numbers back and forth.

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