Q50 Red Sport, 57.7K MSRP/$498mo/39mo/15K

Looking at a RedSport and received the attached on a 57.7msrp. $498 a month with $503 due at signing. I do qualify for VPP but do not see a line item for that but it may be in the total selling price. Let me know what the experts think. Thanks!

Not bad for an18’ and 15k mile.

Have you tried to locate a 17’? Might be able to knock off $100/month since they aren’t selling at all

I’m pretty there are no lease programs for 2017 Q50’s…

doc fee of 250 is optional in Ohio. The state sets a maximum of 250 but the minimum is zero!

" On June 30, 2006, an amendment to section 1317.07 of the Revised Code, which governs retail installment contracts, took effect.

That section provides that a seller entering into a retail installment contract can charge a fee of up to $250 for preparation of documents related to the sale. Previously, the maximum fee that could be charged for document preparation was $100.

As a result of the amendment, motor vehicle dealers selling motor vehicles to customers under retail installment contracts can charge the customer this $250 document preparation fee in addition to other fees associated with the sale of the vehicle (taxes, registration fees, etc.). It is important to note that the dealership is not required to charge the document preparation fee.

The Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Motor Vehicles did not play any role in the adoption of the amendment to section 1317.07, and receives no portion of the document preparation fee. Instead, the fee is retained by the motor vehicle dealer. "


There could be a little more room in that, I’d be at 513 on a 63k spec, and 499 on a 61k spec.

You wouldn’t be able to do that.

Is your number included tax?

Yes, tax included as shown on the sheet (6.75%).
Interesting when I asked dealer if VPP was in there he said yes but did not give me that amount but did say there the was $2000 November Bonus Cash and $2400 lease cash included.