Q50 Lease - My Numbers Way Different

I got quoted for a Q50 3.0 Luxe and the numbers seem way off from what im getting. I will post the pdf below for you guys to take a look. I am getting roughly $331 based on the leasehackr calculator although It could be a user error. The general manager stated I can’t use any MSD’s because of the low MF rate, area is Ohio if you need that. Thank you all!

Looks like you are factoring the $3800 incentive as an additional rebate, the dealership is including it in the “selling price already”

That discount is a joke. Find another dealer.

Also, this. 20202020

Thanks for the feedback, so essentially the deal discount is only 5%? I did not catch that initially until someone stated they are counting the incentive in the sale price. 15% sale price on infiniti is more fair from what I have seen.

Q50s discount routinely at 20%, sometimes 25%. I was offered a whopping 30% off a Q50 Hybrid, $0 down, no first month payment, $399 with California tax last month. I didn’t bite because I have a Q50 now (lease winding down) and I don’t want to buy a car with 2014 technology when we’re almost in 2019.

And, on that note, find a Hybrid because they lease the best of any Q50. Problem is finding one is hard.

What kind of discounts on Red Sports prior to incentives?

Horrible deal, walk away.

For example. I just leased a Q50 red sport. Msrp $55k with sale price of $43k. 100% tax credit (in Texas). $900 down which included first months payment. $412 per month. 39 months and 10k Miles.

What 2014 technology are you referring to?

Infiniti InTouch is the biggest joke of a car infotainment system imaginable. It was a step behind in 2014, but to think they are still fitting it on cars today, even new ones like the QX50, is insane.

I thought Infinit periodically provides updates to the software, while not a complete overhaul or new interface, have you seen this and had your Q50 updated at the dealer?


Yes, it’s not very much. They’ve been promising apps since 2013. The only apps that ever actually launched was Pandora, and only from an Android phone. There is also a Facebook app (so useful?) that was available from launch. That’s literally it.

The system is a joke and a complete turn off from getting another Infiniti. It’s also slow with lots of lag and the screen resolution on the upper screen sucks. Not to mention same map graphics from my 2007 G35.

Don’t get me wrong, Infiniti makes nice driving vehicles that are rock solid reliable, but they have fallen behind.

I haven’t owned an Infiniti in years, but I agree, it was a great driving car.

Sorry to hear that they don’t stay current, it should be pretty easy nowadays to provide a yearly update and introduce new apps and services. Any manufacturer that does this, will have customer loyalty, but in your case, the opposite is happening.

I went looking for a loaner BMW instead, but the sales manager said the best he could do was 9% off a Q50. I stated i found another dealer willing to do 15% and they acted surprised and wanted to know the dealer name. I have more time to look around for a 330i on a good deal. I really don’t want to leave Audi behind but they are just leasing poorly right now.