Q50 3.0t premium Quote

Is this good deal on a quote I just got? Tax here is 8%

msrp $41020

Asking price $32167
Residual 52%

299+ tax
0 down plus fees

that should be tax included. I got 3.0t Premium+ with Navi for 340/month tax included 0 drive off

What area. And dealership if you don’t mind… I’m in San Diego CA.

Infiniti of Van Nuys in LA, im pretty sure you know where that is. Also check out @Harout_elitautogroup on Instagram he DMed me couple of weeks ago that he can do Premuim without Navi for $305/month tax included and 0 Drive off. But hes a broker so you might need to pay them like $200

Thanks I know where that is, also they offered 3yrs maintenance included

Good deal on 299 with maintenance

Which is better Rwd vs. Awd?

Rwd if there is little or no snow. Awd else