Q2 2019 - Current state of leasing marker Expirian

This is according to Experian and their latest report.
Fun read comparing in comparison to the forum data

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Relatively shocked that 3 series isn’t one of the top leases vehicles. Heck luxury cars in general

Civic CRV Accord BAM BAM BAM


I would have thought that the subprime and deep subprime payments would have been even higher, given the additional financing costs and the propensity of this population to make even poorer financial decisions than the average person.

Maybe those subprime require big down payments. Those cars mention are everywhere. I have only seen like 5 new G20 BMW’s on the street. All of those were 330I’s too.

Subprime are going to be a low end cars with relatively high payment, I’m actually more surprised by low payment difference between Nonprime and Super Prime especially considering shorter term for the Super Prime.

Rogue at #8? I guess makes sense if you “upgrade” from the Versa…

These are probably both contributing factors.

This group probably also encounters DTI ceilings in greater numbers than the more qualified categories of lessors.

When that happens there’s only so much additional credit that anyone is willing to extend based on existing credit obligations, income, or both, so they leave with a $450 payment on a Nissan Versa when they had their hearts set on a Sentra for $700/month.

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And this data is incredibly meaningless/pointless/stupid without controlling for vehicle MSRP, DAS, etc.

Can you please not insult one of my bestsellers? :slight_smile:


Yes, it may be is but so far this is one I’ve seen for general public and not very specific.
It’s not precise but gives napkin numbers for talking.