PurchaseHackr? Why not?

Not sure if this has been discussed before but…

We have an entire forum full of information and offers from brokers for leases.

How about creating a sub-forum where brokers can also offer a vehicle purchase offer rather than just a lease?

Is there already a website out there that fills this need?

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Why? Any dealer can sell you any car at the same pre-incentive discount as leasing. Just ask, car purchase is straight forward.


That’s not quite true.

Granted it’s been 15 years but I had a short stint in car sales. Larger dealerships could usually offer more than smaller dealerships. Sold a Chrysler 300 at a $3,500 loss on paper at a big dealership and then worked at a small dealership and they’d never go below a $500 loss on paper.

Huh? The pre-incentives selling price is pre-incentives price, whatever it is.

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I’m sure they give equally crappy lease deals

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Not every dealer is willing to do the same deal pre-incentive.

Hardly ever did any leases at the small dealership. Most people on this forum know more about leases than the people that worked there.

You’re missing the point.

Dealer A will generally so the same pre-incentive discount on a purchase or a lease. That doesn’t mean they’ll do the same deal that dealer B would.

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Right, but what does it have to do with the advertised brokers’ deals? If they offer 10% pre-incentives on a lease then you get the same 10% off on a purchase.

Leasing and purchasing are the same process. Negotiate a pre-incentive price then add all incentives you qualify for then you are off to financing. Purchases just have longer terms with larger payments but you own the car in the end. How do you envision purchasehackr as it’s own subforum?

The difference is that on a purchase you can use your own financing and that takes away $$$ from the dealership. One can also use dealer financing so the dealership makes some $$$ on the back end.

I’ve found that with a purchase a dealer may go a little further in discounting a vehicle compared to a lease.

You are missing the key point: pre-incentives. You can then decide to take the special financing or bring your own and take cash incentive instead.

You’re missing the point. A dealership looks at the entirety of the deal. The same dealership that may be willing to offer you 10% off sticker may not be willing to offer it if you have outside financing or pay cash.

The money a dealership makes from the financing is taken into consideration with the deal.

that is more so a YMMY type of deal there. You may have found that due to your personal experience but, it is not so for other people. Pre-pandemic, people were getting 20-30% off MSRP *in rare cases, it is not particularly due to lease versus purchase rather more on the customer getting lucky and the dealer accepting the loss. But as everyone said before its all about negotiations pre-incentives, pre-financing. Hell, I don’t even at times mention financing, and straight go for negotiating the price off MSRP then focus on the financing/leasing thereafter.

He has a valid point. If the dealer gets a kick back for using in house financing, a larger discount may be doable.

Exactly like a marked up mf

Yeah, I guess so. But we first negotiate the pre-incentives selling price before talking about MF and financing, no?

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That’s usually the case. A dealership will get a flat commission from a lender for financing thru them then they can get extra if they bump up the rate by up to 2%. If you walk in and finance with your credit union and they don’t even get that flat commission then they may not be willing to discount the vehicle as much.

Yes, on a lease. Because you can’t really bring your own financing to the table on a lease. But on a purchase you can.

I agree on creating a sub-forum for purchasing. Does not have to be only new cars either. Dealers could go on there and advertise late model used cars as well. Last few years, it’s been painful to shop for used cars.

Quite a few dealers advertise a price online however when you get to the dealership, they will then add on so much unnecessary stuff and will not budge about removing it. This has become prevalent in the marketplace.

Also most of them will not really deal online and insist you come in to the dealership. It really would be nice for some of our trusted dealers from Leasehacker to advertise their used cars and not have to go through so many dodgy dealers.

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For setting your targets, absolutely. Which is no different here.