Purchased Texas lease in California



I originally leased my car in Texas but moved to California on July. After moving I’ve decided to purchase my vehicle(bought out lease). (And sell to carvana)BMW sent me signed texas title. In texas all taxes are paid at time of lease, but in California taxes for the vehicle are divided up into lease payments and residual value.

How would I go about registering my vehicle/getting new title in order to sell my car. Would I have to go back to Texas to get the Texas title under my name and then come back to CA to register and transfer it to a CA title?


Should’ve asked this before buying out your lease. Besides, you didn’t need to buy it out before selling to carvana/vroom


The thing is that I did! and carvana said that it was alright. Now they’re backtracking!!!

Edit* My lease had less than 2 months left so I had to buy it out.

Edit #2 I meant that I asked carvana directly, and they gave the okay

No, you didn’t. Read “Sold to Carvana” and Vroom threads about selling a BMW

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