Purchase: New 2020 4Runner TRD Pro (7% Discount)

Wanted to share this great deal on a TRD Pro 4runner. Took about 2 weeks to negotiate with 10+ dealers in Florida area (up to 250mi radius). Outcome was a great out-the-door price on a great truck. The deal includes very high dealer fees & valueless dealer options but all together they are offset by an aggressive discount on the top line.

This deal was my 2nd lowest offer ($51,3k OTD) with the lowest being $51,0k OTD after taxes and fees. Only reason I decided on this deal instead of the cheaper was the color of the truck (went for the gray metallic instead of white).

I’m also including my financing info at bottom since I went with a non-traditional balloon loan which happens to work well with a truck that retains its value as well as this 4Runner does. I have usually leased in the past, but I think this truck is worth the purchase.

2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Deal Breakdown
MSRP: $51,771
Discount: ($6,337.65)
Purchase price: $45,434.35
Dealer options: $1545
Dealer fee: $999
Dealer filing fee: $285
Other fees: $6.50
Subtotal: $48269.85
Tax: $2948.20
Tag transfer: $123.85
Total out the door: $51,341.89

Financing via PenFed Payment Saver
Total out the door: $51,341.89
Down payment: ($4,842.89)
Amount financed: $46,499.00
APR: 2.99%
Term: 36 months
Mileage restrictions: None
Payments: $544.98
Due at maturity: $30,969.88


Insane deal on a TRD Pro, congrats!

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Excellent Deal! Dealers generally laugh when you don’t want to pay a mark up, I feel like I might be assaulted if I asked for a discount…


Wow! Great deal!

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You’re right and unless you ask them to compete with other offers you’re unlikely to get any discount. In this case I contacted 10-15 dealers with the same ask: “Can you send me a worksheet for out the door numbers so I can review?”

Only 7 got back to me with worksheets… and then the work began of simply asking “dealer A is offering $500 less, could you meet them” “Dealer B is offering the same price as you… can you beat them?” etc.

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Thanks! I was also looking in TX earlier this year but had to change my approach due to the travel restrictions and whole corona situation

TX is tough. Especially on the 4Runner. Our owner/Managing Partner specifically ordered the manager to upset those PROs. $5k over MSRP. I guess people still buy those.

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I was blown away at some dealers asking for $10k+ over MSRP… nearly $70k otd! Must be for a reason… it also has to be a function of how long they’ve been sitting.

Mine was on the lot since Sept 2019


Great buy! It’s a time consuming process, but worth it!

Thought a local dealer had a markdown of 12.7k on a mid 60k sticker, sounds reasonable on a 500 day old truck right? NOPE, it’s 2.7k, less than 4%, they misplaced a 1 in front of the 2.7…

Why do they carry a high value over msrp by you? I don’t know much about 4runners but What I looked up they seem to be like a big suv. Is it like a cult following?

On the PRO, yes.

No 4Runner TRD Pro has an MSRP anywhere near $65k. That has to be with a ton of dealer-installed options and/or dealer markup.

Usually, PRO is about 51-52k range. Some marks up for 10k, other does 5k. I’ve seen someone do it at MSRP though

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There was, terrible dealer. My mistake saying sticker instead of list.

  1. Reliability
  2. Off-road ability
  3. Resale value

The most special thing about the 4runner is their reputation for being un-stoppable. Many examples of the 4runners with 300k+ miles on the original power train. In my family we have a 3rd gen (1998) runner with 270k miles which runs strong and reliably. Personally for me, I wanted a ‘forever car’ that would be fun for me and could scale as my family grows. I went for the TRD pro because it already has some upgraded features as standard which I prefer over after market.

Any discount on a 4Runner PRO is a good deal. OP got an insane deal.

The reason dealers mark up this truck 5-10k is because people pay these prices without blinking.


Ok makes since then and 300k miles is insane it’s like bomb proof. I have to lease personally cause I get bored of cars after 2 years I wouldn’t know what to do with a forever car. Looking at the 4Runner the trd pro is also the coolest looking one. Glad you got a discount I never understand how people pay over for any car.

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Honestly, I’ve been switching every 2-3 years myself for the last 10… Thankfully my wife says she’ll be happy to drive the 4Runner if I get tired of it. Win/win

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Nice looking, congrats!

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