Pull The Trigger? 2019 Honda Accord LX

MSRP: $24,640
Sales Price: $20050
Annual Mileage: 12,000 miles/yr
MF: 0.00087
Residual: 55%
Drive-Off Amount: $700 (fees only, no DP)
Monthly Payment: $244 w/ Tax
Incentives: $1,950 (750 loyalty, 1200k lease cash)
Region: CA - SOCAL
Leasehackr Score: 9
Leasehackr Calculator Link: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Honda&miles=12000&msd=0&msrp=24640&sales_price=20050&months=36&mf=.00087&dp=0&dealer_fee=52&acq_fee=595&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=55&reg_fee=400&sales_tax=7.75&demo_mileage=0&memo=&monthlyTax_radio=true

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Looks fair. I got my '19 Accord LX for $236/mo w/ tax and $0 DAS a couple months ago in Ohio for what it’s worth. Really happy with the car. Link to my previous post with details & calculator link for reference: Signed - '19 Honda Accord LX, $236/mo, $0 DAS

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Thanks for the feedback. How happy are you with the LX? Do you ever wish you had features like carplay?

There is only $750 lease cash - not that it really matters how you break it down between the lease cash and discount as long as you’re comfortable with the payment. I definitely recommend the additional $25-$30 a month on the sport for CarPlay. Once you have it you won’t be able to go without it.

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Eh, had it in so many rentals and don’t see the point in paying for it. YMMV

That is definitely subjective. I had it, didn’t get it the second time, didn’t miss it. Have it again, never use it.

Did Honda also invent Carplay and license it back to Apple?

Don’t be ridiculous. Honda invented Steve Jobs.


I have CarPlay today we definitely use it. My total car budget is about $1200. I was going to get this Honda as a very day work horse and put the rest into the weekend/ night time car - I also don’t know what car that is yet (suggestions anyone?)

I might have to get CarPlay simply bc of the Navi


I managed to get a Honda Accord sport (with CarPlay) for $255 with tax included. I asked sales person privately after the deal how much more room I had and I think I could’ve gotten it down a buck or two more. Oh well.

Sounds like a good deal. CarPlay is a personal thing…I certainly would enjoy it, but didn’t need anything else that came with the Sport and didn’t want to pay the $20-$30/mo more for the Sport over the LX. The Accord is a great car to drive.

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You were basically ‘there’ in terms of what you can get the car for so I wouldn’t worry about $2 a month. I am glad you got it before the inventory became any more slim - my store has been out of them for a few weeks now.

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