Pull Ahead Program miles?

I was curious if you opt in for the pull ahead program 5 months early on a 3/36 lease. Can you have your mileage at allotted amount at the turn in time? I did look for the answer but couldn’t come up with anything thanks!

You could have used up your entire leases miles at the pull-ahead point and they won’t ding you.

The pull-ahead fulfills your contractual obligation to make 36 payments not necessarily keep it for 36 months. They just talk about months and payments as it’s easier for people to mentally digest it.

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I have a buddy who plans to do exactly that. He drives over 15k miles per year and plans to use a pull-ahead program at around 45k miles on the odo to get out of paying for any extra miles.

Ok great, I plan to do the same just wasn’t sure. Thanks guys.