PSA: California Clean Vehicle Rebates (CVRP) are coming back!

Not buy/lease related, but hopefully this will help you with your car search:

Looks like the CVRP will be funded again! This is excellent news. If dealers are not currently aware of this news, you may be able to strike a great deal by using this information to your advantage. Good luck!

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I wonder how many people are on the waiting list since the program was turned off in June…

I bet quite a few. I was unfortunate enough to apply on June 11, 1 day after the cutoff…

According to this it’s on like donkey kong.

will BMW allow me to add 6 months to my i3 lease so I capture that rebate :slight_smile:

Just adding a datapoint. I applied on the 11th and just got confirmation today that my check is being sent out.

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How long must you have the vehicle to qualify?

The lease term must be a minimum of 30 months. If you end the lease early, then you return a pro-rated amount.

Just a quick question for someone who has applied for the rebate. I live outside CA but have a active ca license (Parents live in ca). Would i be eligible for the rebate?

IS the car registered in CA?

I havent bought a car yet. but yes, it would be registered in CA.

Then you would be eligible for CVRP.

Can someone tell me if this is a true rebate where i get a check in the mail? or is this a rebate i get towards my taxes at tax time?

It’s a physical check you can deposit right when you receive it in the mail.

Where is the list of approved vehicles?

Will my Hellcat qualify?:stuck_out_tongue:

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Once you rip out the 6.2 L 700 HP hemi and place a bolt electric motor in there, it should qualify?