Protocols When Working w/ Auto Broker

After researching the MF & RV + incentives on Edmunds, I reached out to a broker I found here on Leasehackr. I provided the broker with the specifics of what I was looking for and he provided me with the monthly payment & DAS. While the deal seems decent, when I asked for details regarding sales price, MF, RV -i got ghosted. Question: is asking for those details when working with a broker inappropriate? Also is there a way to calculate the MF & RV he used for his offer by plugging in the MSRP, monthly price and DAS?
I’m in SoCal. Thank you.

Ask your broker for the LH calculator link with your numbers.


While you can certainly ask the broker for those numbers, ultimately the question really comes down to “who cares?”

You’ve got what buy rate and such is, so calculate what you think is a good deal and compare their offer. If it’s a better deal, then you know everything you need to know.

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Thank you. Will do.

I think it is appropriate based on if you paid their fee or not. Brokers don’t work for free (unlike sales people) and to get that info, paying their broker’s is fair.


When I inquired as to how the broker was paid, he said that he is paid by the dealership.

Who is to define what is and isn’t appropriate? More broadly, if it’s a service profession and you don’t like the service, don’t engage them.


Sina and I engage in transparency. We use calculators to help our clients view rough numbers transparently, when possible (Audi msds are broken), but showing that info (which we do when possible in our spread sheets) is part of our success.



98% of the brokers that I know either charge a fee up front/or after the deal or add their fee into your monthly/lease deal. If they roll it in, the dealer does cut them a check. I have never heard of or saw a dealership pay a broker without them padding the lease deal to get their fee.


That is an interesting dilemma then. I would just ask for the calculator as @Ursus suggested.

It would likely be easier for you to do that using truecar, autotrader, etc. The @tech_crew has come up with some great tools as well that could be used to locate a car. When using a broker, you’re likely using them to get a specific deal (monthly payment) on a car. If you’re using them to locate a car, by all means, it is your money.

How is Audi MSD broken? Can you explain? Thx.

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PM’d you Violette.


Audi charges for n MSDS but applies n-1, for a max of .00045 reduction rather than .0005


can you also fix the nissan calculator to drop 2% between 10 and 12k and then another 1 from 12 to 15k? thanks!

[quote=“aronchi, post:16, topic:349133, full:true”] another 1 from 12 to 15k? thanks!

Are they trying to lose money?

Ask Car rental companies.



To answer your question…

A lot of it depends on the approach from the prospect and the broker.

Depending on how a conversation is going, I won’t always send a calculator or the breakdown. For example, if I feel like the prospect is shopping my numbers with dealers or other brokers (and we often can tell right away), I wont spend the extra time and energy to send it their way. Admittedly, a lot of people just want to use a brokers time to shop the numbers.

Brokers can decide how far into a conversation to go to determine if its worth their time, just as a consumer has the right to do.

Im not speaking specifically about your scenario, but I am just noting there is often a feeling out process.


Audi MSD program updated on the calculator.

That seems very specific to Nissan. The calculator’s residual value adjustment based on mileage is meant to be a general guidance anyways. It’s better to manually input the specific residual value for better accuracy.

I imagine the broker-customer relationship to broadly resemble the below.