Proposed Lease - Chevrolet Camaro LT1


Hey all,

Long time lurker, but first time needing some help trying to figure out if this deal is ok or if I’m being fleeced.

A few months back I custom ordered a Camaro with the intent of leasing.

Nonetheless, here are the numbers I was quoted:

MSRP - $41,275.00
39 month term
61% Residual
$2,500 down payment
Monthly Payment - $468
Governments fees = $808.05 (34 temp plate, online registration 6.05, doc fee 394, out of state registration 219, beacon courier service 155)
Capitalized Taxes - $1,905.71
Acquisition fee- $695.00
Money factor - 2.08%

Any room to work on this? Given the car market, I was able to secure the car to be sold at MSRP but these figures seem a bit higher.

Thanks in advance

MF isn’t expressed in Percents.
Where’s your payment?
A dealer can hide a lot of stuff in a payment that you don’t list.

Hmmmmm sounds similar to the deal I was working that had the marked up MF. Is this a PA dealer?

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It is indeed a PA dealer - Bergey’s Chevrolet

I was wondering why he sent it over as a percent, as well.

I added the monthly payment (sorry I missed it earlier)

That wasn’t the same dealer but that’s the same way he sent me the MF… weird. But regardless, the MF for 39/10 is .00045. So they’re definitely marking that up. Do you have access to a supplier code or another leased vehicle in your household? You can get additional money off that way.

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GM Financial actually sends the dealers lease rates in APR % terms, not decimal points. 2.08 would be a 00086 or 00087 MF so they are marking the rate up.


We lease a Chevy Traverse so I’m asking if any incentives are tied to that. As for supplier code, I’m going to look around for one and perhaps I can find someone kind enough to give me it.

Thanks for the insight! Very helpful.

Based on the fact that they’re hiking up the MF, how much should I ideally be pushing to pay for monthly?

put it in the LH Calculator, you can find it on top.


A few things to note when I put the numbers in and I put that in the notes section when clicking on the calculator.

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