Private transfers

Not sure what everyones thoughts are, but should private transfers be restricted to leases or maybe an age restriction on cars listed?


Agree, leases only, LH is probably the last place I’d stop to buy a used car, especially with how many stingy mofos are on here haha

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It’s painfully easy to mute a thread.

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Responded to this suggestion here:

We’ll keep monitoring and will reassess if for-sale posts become burdensome!


Lol that 3 now, 3 in a month!

That seems to be your easy go-to solution while not all want to mute threads or users. Maybe some hands on approach could improve LH?

Another option could be a “FS” mega thread within Private Transfers, if it does grow to a point where the community finds it objectionable.

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No please don’t do that. The volume of overall private transfers and FS is so low relative to the past that a few threads with properly titled ‘FS’ won’t clutter things up. Just roll past them if one only wants to view transfers.

I think the solves put in place, namely the FS and price in title fix matters. Not sure why people are still getting twisted about it, IMO.

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The solution is easy because it’s built right into the software that’s running the forum.

Banning an entire category of automotive discussion on an automotive discussion forum would also fall short of your unanimous consent requirement. Maybe there’s a third idea that passes this test.

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I didn’t say anything about banning…
Unless you see “hands on” = “banning” :thinking:
We can agree on a third idea though.

Agreed. Having cars FS does not destroy the forum when the current market clearly calls for if. Most of the FS are losing their shirts on the sale as is.

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And I will add there are legit reasons to bin topics in mega threads:

Where the topic/advice-sought all tends to be around the same topics and there’s substantial benefit to keep all the discussion in a central thread.

Wanted Thread is an exception, but it is a major distraction and too low effort for someone to throw in a ‘i want this, help me get it’ where it creates a major mess for the marketplace subforum. Most of those asks could have been conducted via a search of marketplace and some effort reaching out to brokers.

FS doesn’t meet the above criteria and doesn’t create those issues. If anything, I’d argue it helps breathe life into a dying subforum. The transfer volume is a fraction of what it used to be given the current market. And it gives an opportunity for the LH community to get a shot at some cars that otherwise would just go to carvana/carmax/shift/dealer. If the volume gets too high, we can institute a tag for transfers too so one can filter for just transfers and there could even be a drop down to select one, the other or both as soon as they enter the ‘classifieds’. Ultimately binning them in a mega thread or outright banning FS would NOT be the right solve, IMO.

Then what exactly would your hands be doing?

Who said anything about my hands? There was also a post from Michael after yours. He and Victoria may come up with some idea on how to possibly redo that “for sale” situation.