Private transfers full of BMW's

Hello all, was just wondering if there is a specific reason why the Private Transfer page is full of BMWs. Anyone know if there is a reason for that?

BMW FS is the most transfer friendly captive/bank


Also a lot of people leased their cars at peak pricing over the last 2 years so you’ll find plenty of buyer’s remorse


They aren’t the smartest group of buyers often. :slightly_smiling_face:


All flash, no cash.


The guys over at Swapalease were telling me their most popular brands right now are BMW and Tesla

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The search feature talks?

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It’s almost by default. Hardly anyone allows full transfers any more.

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This is the most likely answer.

I’ve never actually met anyone who legitimately hated their BMW.

Yeah it seems like it might be a combination of many factors. But the fact that BMW allows for easier lease transfers might be the main factor.
I’m new to the site, so that struck me as odd and was curious about it.
Thank you for all the replies