Private Transfer - 2022 Porsche Macan - PFS Transfer Fee @ Signing -$679/Month + Tax Starts 5/12

2022 Porsche Macan (former loaner)
Location: Boston suburbs

MSRP: $69,990
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $679/month + tax
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided): n/a

Current mileage: 11xxx
Maturity mileage: 24xxx
Effective miles per month: 1500
Maturity date: Feb 2024

MSD due (if any): NA
Cash due (if any): prorated May payment
Incentive for new lessee (if any): n/a

Financial institution: PFS
Transfer fee: $900 + $100 for credit Capp
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

Lease started 2/12/23
Ends 2/24 but can be extended

Miles at lease start - around 9600. Currently sits with 11600.

The lease transfer can begin 5/12/23. Looking to line someone up for a painless process.

A couple of notes-
-It was a loaner so it wasn’t perfect ie minor paint chips they repaired before delivery
-One key only
-Has car seat dimples (they come out over time if you aren’t familiar).
-I make next payment on 5/12/23, which is when it can start the process of assumption. Buyer and seller will split the month based on a prorated amount. This is non - negotiable and if you ask I’ll ignore.

More Notes

-I don’t know how long this can be extended. You’d have to check with porsche. I just know it can be.

-Upon agreement, I will collect a $500 deposit, since we cannot begin this process until 5/12/23. If the buyer backs out for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited. This is also not negotiable. I want this to be quick and painless for both of us and if you’re wanting to lock this in now and effectively take it off the market, this is the best way to demonstrate a commitment.

-I’ll have the interior of the car detailed before it leaves because…a 4 year old and 2 year old


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this is gonna go so quickly


Can’t wait for the, “but the transfer fee from porsche financial makes it an effective…”


We’re all bottom feeders here, Mike, lol (agree with you though)


You’re asking to prorate the payment - and for that reason, I’m out.


Can the lease be extended up to a yeaR?

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Just pick it up for an official transfer of 6/11/23…one way around a prorated payment…

On a serious note, this should go quickly.

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You’ll have to call porsche financial to confirm duration rules

It can be a extended

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He’s not being serious and it’ll be gone before 6/11

and if anyone proposed that to avoid paying for the car starting from when it’s in their name they will be ignored

I’m not here to nickel and dime

Transfer takes a few days and can begin 5/12

If it takes 5 days to officially transfer, we will split the 679 - 26 and 5


I knew he wasn’t serious when I said…‘on a serious note’.

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I just don’t want any jabronis here to get the wrong idea that’s all.



We all know there are no jabronis on leasehackr, come on now. No one would dare suggest that.


How is this still available? I’m gonna ask for a down payment on mine when I decide to put it up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Tbh any kind on cash down on a short term lease like this will sky rocket the effective payment, especially if you account for the transfer fee.


I have a 24 month !


I liked mine so much…


I’m a little concerned over where your driver side rear tire is located.


Are any of the notes on seat dimples, minor damage and one key going to be a charge back at end of lease?

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Seat dimples come out. They’re just from car seats. Iykyk

There’s no damage whatsoever. Before I took delivery there were 2 very small paint chips the dealer repaired. If I didn’t mention it, you wouldn’t notice them, but I’d rather provide full details.

The one key thing is hard to say - they owed me another key but it’s been on back order for 2 months already and it may take 2-3 more. Of course, if I get the key I’ll send it to the next person to get it programmed.