Price Check on 2020 RAV4 XLE in Mi


Ready to move on a RAV4 XLE with cold weather and convenience packages here in Michigan.

I have plugged as many details as I got from the dealer on Leasehakr Calculator ( link below).

Basically, $391 per month, 12k miles per year.

$33017 MSRP on the vehicle with the packages added.

Per dealer:
“o down,… just startup costs=first month, registration and license fee”.

Have not confirmed the % off MSRP or money factor yet with dealer, but looking for targets on

those if others would care to share/ help.

Thanks in advance!!


calculator link:

Lower residual and a lot more discount

Thank you for the quick reply Drekoh1991,

Can you give more detail? target % off MSRP?

… and lower residual?.. like 62%?

Thanks again,


That’s too much for a RAV4 XLE. You can almost get a highlander for that lease payment. Ask for more discount at least 10 to 15% and check for rebates.

TFS doesn’t have rebate. More like 63~64 residual with .00125 MF and target around 12% discount

Wow! Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful!!

Plugging into the Leasehakr Calculator, with msrp of $33017 and 12% off, .00125 MF adn 63% residual

12k miles 36 months should look like $310 before taxes or msd’s?

…hold on, I need a minute…I am a bit light headed now…


Advice on proceeding? Run these numbers past dealer or brokers only really offering this?

May 2020, just struck a deal and picking up car on Monday. 2020 Rav4 XLE Premium MSRP $35,449 $1000 down, 36mo, 12k, including ALL taxes and fees ($1000 down includes first payment) for $329.00 per month. Rhode Island

Can you break this down in the template of a “Share a Deal”?

Will be very useful

I’m new to this, so I will see what I can do

Albertov05 -thank you for posting!

That sounds like a great deal… it would be very interesting to know the following:
-what options you had

  • MSRP of vehicle detailing which options it has.
  • residual ( either % or residual $ of vehicle at end of lease)
    -money factor ( they are quoting me .00156 which is 3.74%)
    -sale price

Thanks again,… was planning on going back to dealer later this afternoon
to possibly pickup, this info is perfect timing!!!


I’m around 350/mo on this with nothing down

should be able to pull sale price, money factor, residual $ and options from your paperwork for lease pretty easy,… If you post those numbers, I’ll put it in the calculator for you- that’s fun! ( and I am new too).

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I ran those numbers,… with what I have been told are Toyota terms ( .00156 Money Factor, 66% residual on RAV4 at 12k miles… and with your stated MSRP, I got the following ( link below)… can you confirm your sale price at least?.. seems like you would have had to get at least 11% off MSRP to get to $329 that is GREAT!.

ooop…sorry… forgot this:

I/m sorry forgot to mention the vehicle being turned in on a lease had a special loyalty of $1500 If you don’t posting this information for me so people will get all the info…thanks im new in here