Prepare To Be Confused By Audi's New Double-Digit Naming Scheme

“Let’s make our product names harder to understand. Look what it did for INFINITI!”

I remember reading articles about this over a year ago when they announced the changes.

The changes are an attempt to appear proactive about going electric and the new numbers closer resemble electric car power levels than traditional ICE displacement numbers.

The conversion for how they get the numbers is absolutely ridiculous and impossible for me to recall. It’s pretty convoluted and I do not think the public will take positively to it.

It’s like Cadillac knowing their alpha numeric designators aren’t working and sticking to it anyways because screw the market.

It’s disastrous from a consumer point of view.

Except for Audi fanboys, I don’t see car shoppers mentally filing this for future reference, any more than I’ve retained the formula for converting Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit.

30 = 109-128 hp (81-96 kW)
35 = 147-160 hp (110-120 kW)
40 = 167-201 hp (125-150 kW)
45 = 226-248 hp (169-185 kW)
50 = 281-308 hp (210-230 kW)
55 = 328-368 hp (245-275 kW)
60 = 429-455 hp (320-340 kW)
70 = 536+ hp (400+ kW)

Isn’t this article from 2017?


And yet I still wasn’t prepared. :stuck_out_tongue: