Preincentive target discount on 2023 E-tron Q4 or Q8

Looking at either a Q4 or Q8 E-tron and wanted to see whst sort of preincentive discount I should be aiming for? Is 10%-12% doable in the current market?

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6% is the floor because you can get that with the Audi Club of America discount if the dealer participates.

I’m watching the Q8 e-tron but local dealer isn’t really doing much beyond that so far + $7500 + $1000 incentives. Penfed adds $750.

be ready for ridiculous “why q4, basically an expensive ID.4” comments here. Not that ID.4 is a bad one, but there are tons of spec sheet drivers here that does not come close to understand how different those two cars drive and feel. It’s almost saying every chair has 4 legs so why would anyone need a different chair.

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If you want a q8 etron just sit back and wait for inventory to build up. You’ll get your opportunity it’s just not now.

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How about Q4 Etron? Are those any good and any decent discount on those that can be had?

Others can chime in but I’d be targeting 5-7% before incentives. If you’re looking at the q8 I would be hunting for a deal on a bmw ix (if you can get over the looks)

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We’d do 8-9.5% front end on one (TX)

So on a Q8 Etron are the current incentives are $8500 lease cash and $7500 EV rebate which would stack with the 8-9.5% off MSRP? So in total $16000 incentive on top of the dealer discount?

So on a Q8 Etron are Edmunds show incentives are $8500 lease cash (plus $7500 EV rebate) which would total $16000 incentives and it would stack with whatever we can get off MSRP?

So I am interested in an Audi Etron SUV, but confused on which one to pursue? What is difference between a E-tron SUV, E-Tron Sportsback, Q4 Etron and Q8 Etron? I noticed the first 2 models only have 225 mile range and last 2 I think do 265 mile range. Also are all these 2023 models right now or any of them 2024 as well?

The Q8 etron replaces the e-tron suv/sportsback.

The Q4 etron is a smaller cuv

So then only 2 models of etron SUV available and only 2023 models available…is that correct?

Q4 Etron CUV, Q8 Etron SUV/sportback and Audi etron GT sedan.

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So from the looks of it the Q8 Etron is 2024 model year and Q4 Etron is 2023…is that correct?

Currently yeah, but 24 Q4s are arriving too

So you think we can deal more on the 2023 Q4 or it is possible to get like 8-10% off 2024 Q8 Etrons too?

2024 Q8 e-trons are early to get a deep discount from most dealers, but I saw some brokers have them at 8% off.

Also it’s $8500 total rebate - $7500 EV + $1000 Audi cash. There’s not $16,000 off on one yet lol.

The 2023 e-trons have $10,000 audi cash + $7500 EV but they have been pretty much snatched up.

Let me help clarify:

  1. Etron SUV/Sportback, aka the fat etron = ~225 miles range.
  2. Q4 Etron SUV = ~265 miles range for the RWD (lower trim). The higher AWD trim gets around ~240.
  3. Q8 Etron SUV/Sportback is replacing the fat etron = ~280-300 miles range. No significant changes from the old etron except exterior and battery size, I think.

Since the Q8 Etrons are much newer than the fat etrons, it is unlikely to expect similar discounts + manufacturer rebates (e.g, ~10% discounts + $17,500 from Audi rebates) on the Q8 Etrons yet.

Your best bet is to hit up socal dealers like @Samaudibh and see what they can do atm.

If you don’t think it is a good enough deal, then just wait.


Well put.

Bare in mind you’ll likely see closer to 180 miles at 80%. My best range in a 2021 Etron SUV was just around 240 miles while hypermiling. Car averaged 2.2 miles per kilowatt.