Pre Owned Leases, Low Residuals with decent MF's

Hi Everyone,

I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss considering the low availability of new vehicles.

Has anyone considered leasing a pre owned vehicle?

DSR Leasing recently linked up with a lender to provide leases on pre owned vehicles so if you are considering refinancing your leased vehicle into a purchase but still want a low payment or the ability to expense a lease payment it may be a good way to go.

These pre owned leases have a low residual and a fair money factor of .00210 if you have very good credit. ( fair considered because of the low residual’s so its not factoring against a higher dollar amount)

It probably makes the most sense if leasing a pre owned Porsche, Mercedes, G Wagon etc.

Feel free to email me VIN# and miles of a vehicle you want a lease quote for.


Moving to off-ramp as it is a discussion and not an offering. Either a discussion or offering, let me know.

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Our MF is .00114 on the preowned leases. For us it hasn’t made sense when it competes with new cars and the payments haven’t been too far away but it could be cool to lease off brand product.


Who is going to pay for repair bills if warranty is out?

The same person who pays for repairs on a new vehicle – the person who leases the car.

The difference on a new car is that the cost of warranty repairs is baked into what you pay for the vehicle itself.

On a car with an expired warranty, repair costs are paid a la carte, rather than frontloaded like on a new vehicle.

Thats a valid point. The cost of repairs, or potential repairs is baked in a new car lease

But, whether a repair is $50 or $5000, the new car lease monthly lease price doesn’t change. Technically the cost of used lease doesn’t change either but your out of pocket will change.

Just something I just wanted to get more clarification on because it seems enticing to get a lower payment on a used car lease, but I think everyone should be aware of the potential added costs of repairs. This is likely something some people are not thinking about when they think about leasing a used car.
Think it would be best if we have OP clarify up front to avoid confusion later

I’m sure there are choices here to either accept the risk, or offload the risk to an insurance company for a price by purchasing coverage separately (in which case you are prepaying for repairs plus a profit to the underwriter).

OP may have more to add.

You have any unicorn exotics or high end leases let me know. You’ll know when you look at it and it makes you smile.

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BMW used to lease CPOs, but I dont think that program has existed for a while. I have a lease expiring April '22 and BMWFS said they’d re-lease the car to me, but the payments were almost twice what I have paid. I never asked about MF or RV since the program was so out of the money.