Potential XC90 Inscription deal



Am new to the forum and thanks to all for the great resource, I’ve learned a lot!

I’m shopping for an XC90 Inscription lease deal and want to get some feedback.

We are looking at 36 mos, 7.5K miles as we don’t rack up too much mileage.

It’s a demo with around 4000 miles on it and we are in NJ.

MSRP $70430
Selling price $55771
DAS $3K which is taxes and fees (though I don’t have a breakdown)
MSDs $6000
Monthly $589

What do you guys think? It seems ok to me and the dealer is saying that’s as far as they can go. This is after 2 rounds of back and forth by email.


Can you break the discount out between dealer discount and incentives/rebates?

What MF are they charging?

I’ve been told there is a $4K incentive on the Inscription this month. If that’s right then it’s $59771 before this amount, around a 15% discount.

I believe the MF is the standard 0.0144 before the MSDs. Not had it spelled out for me from the dealer though.


Does anyone have feedback on this potential deal?


15% is a little low on a demo. 17% is closer to standard with some going deeper still.

Double check incentives for the region as inscription is $5500 in some markets.

It’s definitely $4,000 in NJ, but there should be an extra $3,000 in dealer cash for loaners. It’s likely included in the discount, but at least make sure they’re including it somehow. Check the residual too, because with 4,000 miles on it, you’ll take a hit, but it shouldn’t be too bad since you’re only at 7,500 miles for the lease.

Thanks both! I will go back and check the MF and the discount structure as well as the residual.

So it’s an ok but not great deal?

I can’t get the calculator to match it (calculator is much lower around $500/month) which is why I’m wondering if it’s worth doing or not…

Get a firm breakdown, including doc fees and registration, and then we can tell you how good of a deal it is. Curious as to the dealership, since I’ve dealt with numerous ones in NJ and have some contacts, too.

Ok I’ll get that and come back. So far the dealer is saying 3K at drive off with taxes, fees and first payment included. I think the taxes are around 1600 and first payment is 589 so leaves just under 1000 for doc fees and registration.

Thanks for the help!

That sounds about right. Don’t forget the 0.4% luxury tax in addition to the 6.625% sales tax. I just checked on the division’s website to confirm what part is taxed, and it’s on the gross sales/lease price. $1,600 might be slightly high, but it’s within a hundred or two.

The doc fee is probably $500, and NJ DMV is around $400, if I’m not mistaken.