Potential opportunity to get great deals on BMW?

Is this just one of those fake advertisements to lure customers in or it might be something real?

Btw the dealership has a 430i Xdrive loaner already advertised at a 25% discount

How would any of us know for sure? Email them and get a quote to see.


I was just wondering if anybody ever received an advertisement like this because its the first time for me. I’ll reach out to get a quote on that 430i

I’ve seen them. Usually gimmicks, but you won’t know unless you ask.


I emailed them and all I got was “when can you come to take the advantage”

Im working on a 330i with them right now, they will do nice discounts. Good dealer to work with so far…

Yawn :sleeping:

I have leased from them before they factor in the bmw incentives into there price other rebates would be loyalty and fleet. Also if your trying to get that car don’t post were it is on lease hacker people would to get it and then a bidding war starts or they beet you to it I have the sales Manager number if you want to contact him directly.

This was my lease I didn’t qualify for loyalty back then

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exactly - you got to go in to take advantage …

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Here fixed it…