Potential MB C300 Lease in GA

Came across the vehicle below which would make an attractive leasing candidate for those of you in/near ATL. Sale price $32.5K, MSRP $46.4K (30% off) Carfax says the vehicle has been in a “minor damage” wreck (presumably repaired)


I’m guessing it’s not leasable, especially since it’s been CPO’d.

Dealer confirmed earlier today that it is eligible for lease. I know Mercedes doesn’t allow lease of CPO’s, but I have had numerous MB dealers confirm that vehicles listed as CPO on their websites were still eligible for lease.

With RVs exactly the same as new, except for mileage adjustment? If so, that vehicle would be a great deal. Only downside is that GA taxes the entire sales price.

I haven’t dug into details with dealer because I am waiting a few months (and am 300 miles from dealer), but there are those that theorized pricing in GA might get very aggressive because all in state customers are waiting until the tax rules change in January, so very few of them will be leasing now.

To that point, MB of Buckhead has 2 E300s for less than $46K.