Potential/Existing 2019+ Acura RDX owners

Guys if any of you are in the market for a 2019 MY or newer Acura RDX, know that it does not come with Android Auto. It does have Apple Carplay. But Android Auto is not coming anytime soon - as the dealerships will promise you. Just wanted to let the facts be known.

Apart from this, the infotainment system intermittently hangs up. All of these issues have been reported by existing users in multiple forums. Do your due diligence.

There is also a class-action filed on these premises. Search for it.

Comes from a current RDX owner. Love the car though. Awesome car.

I don’t understand why manufacturers don’t just outsource infotainment to google and apple.

IMO, after using CarPlay, I’m glad they don’t.

iPhone Superiority

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again. If car manufacturers were as good at at building mobile operating systems as apple/google they would be in the mobile phone business and not building cars. Look at the market cap/profits of Apple/google compared to any car manufacturer. I know what I’d rather be doing.

So yeah, definitely let apple/google build the interface with whatever privacy protections they can negotiate.

This is insane to me. I have a 2018 Accord and the infotainment is really good. Seems like they should have used that same system in the Acura.

That’s why my point was to hire them to do it for them.

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Well Honda kind of does since its Android base:


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No the delay is from Google itself… because of the new kind of trackpad that the RDX is equipped with. Both Acura and Google say that it will be ready soon. But then they have been saying this from 2018 I believe.

And the freezing and hanging up is something I have experienced myself… I thought that at least the existing system minus the Android Auto should have been dependable. But no… it does hang up.