Potential 2019 Infiniti Q50 Deal

Hello Guys,

First time here. Thank you for everyone’s input in advance.

2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Luxe

Drive off = $0
monthly =$400 including tax

What do you guys think?


It is hard to evaluate a deal if you don’t share all the details. Based on the high level details you provided it doesn’t seem like a great deal (normally Infiniti can go below the 1% rule).

If you share the MF, RV, discount, rebates, etc you’ll get a better idea of where you should begin negotiating.

Thank you. I need to get those tomorrow. First time lease a car.

Your location will help too

Location says SoCal…

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Ya i know, I only brought it up cause he PM’d for a dealer name on the same car I just leased and I am in NorCal

SoCal is known to get better deals :wink:

@kevin81mvp call me or text me 31O-9O9-39O5