Post Your Recent Awesome Deals in New Jersey

Can my fellow Jerseyans post your recent deals from dealerships in NJ. I am in Union County, and need to find an affordable lease asap. I am bummed that the GMC Terrain deals are nowhere near what they were back in March/April. Anyone have any ideas on other vehicles–sedans, suvs–whatever. Turning 30 next year, so not looking to make it worse with a Buick, which is one of only a few NOs on my list.

Help, anyone!? Post away. Dealers, any new lists?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have a log of the cheapest or most affordable leases by region or state. Your best bet is to check into the forum regularly and look at some of the latest posts from the last couple of weeks to give you an idea of what affordable leases people are picking up right now.

If you’re in a crunch to find an affordable lease, your best bet is to put together a list of cars and SUVs you’re interested in, and then use autobytel and Edmunds to get the MF/RV and available incentives for each vehicle on the list. From there you should be able to get a good idea of affordability. If that’s too much effort, you can always hire a broker or, like I mentioned earlier, use the search function on the forum to get up to date on what people have scored more recently.

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I already told you Hyundai Elantra. It’s the cheapest you’re going to get this month. Get on the grind and contact dealers. Sign up for Uber to get that rebate. Someone isn’t going to come put a deal in your lap unless they’re a broker and then you will pay for that.