Possible to return a lease without an inspection?

Looking to get in a new car bc my lease is up. Is it possible to return the vehicle to the dealer without a lee inspection? Will the dealer take it? Otherwise I have to wait over two weeks for the inspection. This would be for a VW. Any experience?

Usually you can (not positive about VW), but you are still responsible for whatever damages/items they charge.

I’ve always simply just returned mine to a dealer and left it on the lot. No inspection necessary… But I’ve never leased a VW.

Are you calling them ahead of time? Or just showing up and dropping off the keys?

I usually call ahead, tell them I received a my “turn in notice” from the captive, and that I’ll be leaving the vehicle on a specific day. I drop the keys in the dropbox in an envelope with a copy of the letter. I’ve never had an issue.

Just bring it in and sign form to return. I hear VW pretty hardcore on inspections afterwards

As @jon mentioned, although it’s not required to get an inspection before returning the car, it WILL be inspected, one way or another, unless the dealer buys it from the captive. Not getting an inspection beforehand gives you no recourse on damage charges after the fact, nor does it give you the opportunity to repair much cheaper than the captive may charge.

Skip the inspection at your own risk.

If VW is “hardcore” on inspection after dropping it off, why would you suggest skipping the inspection beforehand, where he would have the opportunity to repair and not risk the “hardcore” inspection afterward?


Here you go again. Hope you have a better day.

Here I go again what? That’s a legitimate question, and if you feel I’m being a bully behind a keyboard, you need thicker skin.

You’re telling this guy to just drop the keys off and sign a form, knowing that the inspection is “hardcore.” Why would you recommend this, when he could get the inspection done first, know what’s wrong (if anything), fix any possible problems at his expense, which would be most likely cheaper, and skip the “hardcore” inspection at the end?

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I take care of my leased cars as I’m sure others do on this site. once someone came to the house to inspect, a complete waste of time. There are rules and guidelines to follow regarding damage that anyone can obtain by calling their leasing company. Those kind 9f things if they exist, broken tail light, cracked bumper I fix ahead of time. Never as an issue with Lexus, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes. Never leased a VW but have heard from others they are tougher on turn ins, so yes might be a good idea to stand and watch while they inspect your car.

That’s a false assumption. Many do, yes. However, there are plenty on here that don’t, and have complained about lease turn in charges after the fact. Someone recently posted how his car was “garage kept,” yet had 1k or 2k in damages he didn’t understand. Upon revealing the pictures, it was clear his definition of “garage kept” was different than many others.

After leasing, I know what to look for, and never have a problem. Many others on this site do too, including yourself it seems. With that said, there are plenty others, many of them new to leasing, that don’t have a clue, and are looking for answers. They also have no clue as to what their damage expense may or may not be.

To assume everyone here is an expert at everything pertaining to leasing and lease turn-in is incorrect. The OPs question indicates he’s not an expert. That’s why @jon and myself said that yes, you can turn it in without an inspection, but you’re still responsible if something is called out after the fact. It is highly recommended to get an inspection, especially if someone is new to the leasing game, or you risk consequences. Your definition of a light scratch could be much different than someone elses.

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Are you a lawyer? Or simply…

No, but I’m smart enough to not tell someone to just drop the car off and deal with the “hardcore” inspection.

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