Possible for registrant's information to be different than the leasor's?

I am leasing a car soon. But something has been bothering me. I want to be the one who leases the car because I am the only one in my family who has good credit. There is no way anyone else’s credit will pass BMW financial services’ requirements…but I want the car’s registered owner (the one the dmv looks at) to not be me. is that possible?
so my question is, if I lease the car, everything is under my credit, if I make all the payments, is there a way to make someone else the “registered owner” as far as the dmv?
reason I ask: If I ever get a red light camera ticket, I want to have a way out (I believe in my state the registered owner can say “this is not me driving” and that’s the end of it)
not that I run red lights but those things are stupid, plus I am paranoid.

Will need to be registered in your name

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You’re proposing a “straw purchase,” which is illegal.