Possible dealer discount on 2020 Mercedes S450

I am trying to figure out the possible dealer discount on 2020 Mercedes S450. I know there is a dealer incentive of $6000. I believe there is a fleet discount of $6500, and loyalty is about $1000. These incentives make the leasing a pretty good. Anyone have any thought on this.

These car lease terrible in general. Reach out to @Calvin.MBFR he is near you.

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My floor would be at least 12% off a new 2020 with the next gen model getting released soon. On top of that would be at least $7000 in rebates. So $20K off MSRP at minimum. The problem with leasing these, is the MBFS RV close to 50%, meaning you are paying for $50K in depreciation over 36 months. You will most likely be over $1000/mo for a decent equipped unit. I suspect the vehicle to outperform the RV. You might want to check into a balloon loan instead. If you can find a demo unit, you can push the discount to 17% range.

If the assumption is that these 2 will stack, you may want to double check

The residual is about 52% for 36/10. MF 0.0005. With above mentioned discounts, my calculator is showing payment in the range of $800 to $900 including tax.

My understanding is dealer incentive of $6000 is similar to discount on msrp. I know loyalty and fleet can be stacked.

Those are two separate things

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You can PM me and I can give you the program info.

Here is the $0 DAS calculator for a S450 4matic at $104K MSRP at 12% discount with $7000 incentives. It shows $1077/mo. I am applying NJ tax, so this may vary for your region. The problem is when you start shopping these you are gonna want to add options and the MSRP will rise quickly thereafter. You could do 8 MSDs to drop the MF to 0 but it’s still over $1000.

I am trying to confirm the dealer incentive of $6000 and fleet discount of $6500 are stackable. If they are, the payment should be about $180 lower.

The $6000 unadvertised dealer cash incentive is part of the total dealer discount target of 12%. If you are suggesting you can get 12% plus another $6000, I do not think this will be possible, unless you find a unicorn or a demo unit.

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I do see advertised dealer discount of $20k. I am sure that should include the $6k. There is $14k discount on top of that, which is about 12% off of MSRP.

Have you actually gotten a quote from a dealer? Cars.com ads tend to have every possible (re:no stacking) incentive rolled into the sales price to make it more attractive. Also, are the lease programs and incentives the same on S560 as they are on S450?

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Second on reaching out to @Calvin.MBFR at foot ranch, great guy and source of info for the community.

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Its true, cars.com advertise price with every possible discount available, but I dont think they include discounts like fleet and loyalty.

FYI. NJ tax rate is 7.025% for selling price over 45k (0.4% up for Luxury tax)

No. It’s not. The 0.4% luxury tax is on the selling price.

Fleet and current incentives do not stack

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Thanks for the clarification Calvin. What is the best possible discount on S class.

I’ve seen listings on there before that included both lease and purchase incentives, as well as loyalty and conquest.