Possible 2020 X3M Loaner Hack (20% off pre-incentive possible)


There’s an X3M that should be pretty hackable in the MD/DC area.

The contact I had there said she could get to about 20% off (pre-incentive, although I wasn’t able to get a solid confirm before email traffic went silent yesterday). If she responds back to me today I’ll offer up the connection, but I didn’t want the opportunity to go to waste if someone was seriously in the market.

If it’s pre-incentive, then that’s 20% off with some more room. I told myself I wouldn’t do it for more than 23% off. It’s the end of the month so maybe possible with some effort for someone else?

Even with the mileage penalty this should be a pretty good deal.

They’ve lowered the price about three times in as many days or past week so there’s some appetite to get it sold.

Please contact me if serious about closing a deal today and would like more details.


I feel sooooo bad for this dealership right now.

I wouldnt post this because if your contact is putting in the work, the entire store is going to get blown up with calls, and then with more interest, especially of tire kickers, it’s going to make it extremely hard for a serious buyer and also the store.


fair point. I’ll lock it down.

The intentions are good and your hacks are always awesome, but Im just saying…some people here will call and ask for like $55K sale price just to be douches.


Raises hand :slight_smile:

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Only issue is, with 6100 miles there are no applicable incentives. The car is still leasable up to 7500 miles, but no incentives can apply past 5000 miles AFAIK. Just straight discount. Even so, it should be a great deal for someone who puts in the work. But I agree with Mike - I wouldn’t disclose the dealer because they’ll get stormed by tire kickers.

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Got it. I’m out of the loop since the new 5k/7.5k rules started, so I wasn’t sure.

New rules say incentives up to 7500 miles afaik


Appreciate all the advisory.

ah ha! So definitely room for a nice deal to be had here.

I’m not a BMW expert, so one would need to verify, but I’m pretty sure the incentives cap was moved from 5k to 7,500 in January


We should confirm this because I’ve read different. Incentives apply up to 4999 and they drop off between 5000 and 7500. In January the max mileage at which you could lease a loaner was raised from 5000 to 7500, but with the incentive caveat. Perhaps someone from a dealer can confirm this for us.

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I am pretty sure you could always lease a loaner above 5k, but there was no incentives past that, which is why you never saw dealers let their loaners go past 5k.


Something seems off about this dealer, almost all of their loaners are advertised with insane discounts.

If anyone actually gets it at even the advertised price, let alone further past that, I’d be curious to know.

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I didn’t get as far as lease sheet breakdown, but from what I understood, it seemed legit. That’s where the final due diligence would be, but I did get confirmation of that 20% off selling price. But yes, the math would need to check out. Which is why I think it’s worth delving into for interested parties. Not a lot of hackable X3Ms for which to try.

I also used this contact to help with a previous deal and that went smoothly so I’m going off of precedence as well.

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Lol tell that to some of my nearby bimmer dealers. I inquired several cars in late 19 early 20 that are around 5k mileage marks but they won’t budge at all, I noticed they STILL have some of those and hitting 20k miles now. Does BMW still subsidize loaner uses at this point? Not sure how the math has been working out for them but damn

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I just leased a 5,800mi BMW loaner with all incentives applied. It’s definitely up to 7,500mi now.


20% off X3M loaner with DC area dealer? Good luck with that… by all means try but doubt that’s happening…

Feel bad if you pass along this info and this dealer gets blown up…

Let us know how it works out

If its in the DC metro area 100% guarantee that the sales price does not include detestation and probably has a $899 dealer fee…

They list a 699 processing fee.