Positive experences with Leasetrader?

I see people on this site recommend leasetrader all the time but when you search about it you see nothing but horrible reviews. What gives? Anyone had a good first hand experience buying our selling?

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i personally have had a good experience using Swapalease.

They have different tiers, they try to upsell you hard on the more expensive tiers which supposedly give you more exposure on the site like being featured on the home page etc. I personally went with their cheapest option because i knew my car was a desirable car and my payment was very competitive so i had no question that someone who is interested in the car would want it.

Before I signed up with swapalease i tried listing it on craigslist, forums etc and got no inquiries. Then i was on this forum and someone said “you have to go to a marketplace where someone is looking for a lease transfer if you want it done” and he was right. Someone took my car within days and it was a smooth transaction.

I don’t know about lease trader much other than i think it costs more money than swapalease.

With that being said, if I was in a terrible lease with a terrible payment on lets say a camry or something average, not sure if it would make sense because nobody wants to go into a bad payment. They give you the option to offer incentives for someone to take over your lease, but that will be costly and most of the time not worth it unless you really want out at any cost.

As far as taking over a lease from someone else, i have no experience through either website but i’ve done it outside of those websites. It’s somewhat of a risk but i went to the dealership and got the service records and I ran a carfax. The car had only 8000 mi on it and looked and drove like new. With all those facts i felt comfortable taking the risk. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing. It does help. I’m on the buying side so it’s not as much of a commitment, 39$ and then 250$ if I find something. They run your credit, no big deal I guess. I see people getting great deals on here but I like the idea of less than a 2-3year lease.

yes, i remember they want to run your credit to “pre screen”. It’s a selling point to the people trying to get out as you’re a “pre screened customer” but it hurts your credit score and you have to give them your social sec number. I personally would never do it, another reason to use swapalease.

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I have seen people recommend SwapALease on this site, but I cannot recall anyone recommending LT. SAL and LT are two completely different (and competing) entities, aren’t they?

Be careful with fake listings posted as sign-up bait. They list cars at amazing deals, but once you register, the listing is gone. There was a local Acura ILX I wanted at a competitive rate with about 1500 miles per month. Once I registered, literally 20 minutes later the listing was gone, then I get an email from their CEO about a one time discount to register…

As a prospective buyer I’m a little discouraged with Swapalease. You get 10 ‘contacts’ for the $39 admission fee. Half of the people I contacted are flakes, no window stickers, no pictures, they don’t ‘remember’ what the msrp is etc. Swapalease should make it mandatory to list trim levels, post a minimum of 10 pictures and post a pic of the window sticker.

Contacted a guy about a Lexus NX200t, his only picture was hijacked from an enthusiast website and he had the nerve to tell me I had to call his cell directly because he was tired of dealing with flakes. Whatever. Another guy with a Cadillac XT5 listed it as ‘Premium’ with ‘Premium Audio’ etc. He emailed me a copy of the window sticker…Base model. Idiot.

I’ve used swapalease and it is fantastic. I’d do it again for sure. Might list our Cruze and/or our QX60 soon. Got rid of our C250 Benz on SwapALease a short while ago. Seemless.

you’re getting frustrated with people not knowing about their cars. That will happen to you regardless of auto trader, craigslist or swapalease. The point of swapalease is to reach a target audience and they do that well.

As far as 10 contacts are concerned, call SAL customer service and tell them most didn’t respond to you, they can “reset” the 10 contacts.


Useful info from @305Hackr

@loberant has some 15 month leases on executive demos. BMWs and Minis all over the USA

I figured I should update because I took the advice here and found a I3 rex on Swaplease. I paid the monthly 59$ fee to contact people, it gave me his number and I texted the owner. The guy I got it from was great. He did his homework a few years ago and got a good deal and he passed it on to me. We split the transfer fee, he put 2 brand new tires on the back, picked me up at the airport and had the car charged and washed and gassed up. It took 3 weeks total to make it all happen with most of the hold up being the CA dmv and the title. I’m paying 263$ for 15 months, Grey, tera world. I had to pay him 2100$ for the MSDs that he put down, and I knew from here that I would be getting that back so i had not problem with that. The drive from LA to SF was a pain. The i3 is not designed to be a touring car, obviously, but its great here in the city. Thanks for the suggestions.


Congrats. Glad it worked out well. I might be listing a car on there soon again. Second one listed in less than three years. Great resource for sure.

What the cost to the ‘seller’ to list a vehicle?

Try putting your car on Craig’s list first. You will get a lot of morons that don’t know you have to have good credit but you might find a good one

They have various “packages” going up to several hundred dollars, with constant “sale” promotions going on. Beware though, I inquired about potentially listing a vehicle and still get spammed about it a year later.