Porsche Taycan NY/NJ

Current offer for 2022 Porsche Taycan:

101,000 msrp
7,500 tax credit applied to lease
2.35% off msrp
No additional incentives
39 month lease
10k miles per year
MF .0034

0 due at signing and monthly payment of $1,435

How is this deal?

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it’s pretty good, but that’s really a base car at that msrp. if you test drove and a rwd regular battery has enough power for you, then sure.

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Looks like a good deal.

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Looks like you’re shopping across state lines? I presume that this is a deal to be registered in New Jersey, since you do not appear to be responsible for sales taxes here.


You’re better off buying vs. leasing but if you’re set on leasing, it’s a pretty good deal.

You only get the $7500 tax credit if you lease a Taycan. Not available through finance or cash. If they wanted to finance, then lease and refinance after a few months.


that’s not correct in this case. you’re better off leasing and then immediately buying out, if you’re so intent on ownership.

Rear wheel drive with regular battery had plenty of power for me and the performance battery (from what I read) only get an additional 25 miles.

Factor 3 yrs of free charging too. About $130 monthly in your pocket.

Been looking to buy a taycan CT for a while. Might be time to start look again.

OP DM me the dealership. Thanks.

Might even be a candidate for a balloon loan…

No $7500 on balloon.

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Does not get the 7500.

Lease then buyout the lease with balloon is what I meant. Unless Porsche has restrictions on that. Just depends on which is more favorable…

That would not much sense IMO. You are now paying sales tax on the full amount instead of the leased amount plus you will have to find a bank or CU since PFS will not refinance their own lease to a balloon. Seems like a lot of work to spend more money. If they want to finance, just keep it simple and refinance with a CU.

we have no tax on evs

Unless I missed it, I don’t think OP confirmed if they are in NY or NJ. But still, you would need to find a bank/CU that would offer a balloon on a used vehicle.

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Car will be registered in NJ. Actually going with better battery Taycan with $106,000 msrp. Got a different dealer to lease it at 1475 per month with tire and wheel insurance included, 0 due at signing, 10k miles per year, 39 months. Think I did a little better than the original deal I posted above.

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CT’s are significantly scarcer than the sedan. Although I did find a cross turismo turbo for MSRP in Alabama in July.

My attainable dream garage is a Taycan 4 CT and a GT4. Just need to sell a few more cars and some nice trade-ins to make it happen.

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I’d love a Taycan GTS ST as a DD and something fun like a GT3RS or whatever that segment has to offer in the EV future.