Porsche Macan Service loaner good deal or no?


Need some advice on buying Porche Macan, read few posts over here that not to lease a porche, so decided to buy. Found a service loaner with 11k miles. South Carolina
2020 Macan base- MSRP 65,xxx,
Selling price- 51,900. (5 yr unlimited miles warrenty)
Willing to keep the vehicle for atleast 4 years.
Stuck between BMW X5( little big for me )and Porche Macan.
Main reason to go for porche is by hearing the talk that it will hold the value longer and wont depreciate as much as a Bimmer.
To conclude Porche Macan Base - 52k (11k miles)
BMW X5 40i - Around 65k includes incentives (MSRP 75k)- New

Have you run the Carvana/Algo numbers yet?

What do you think about the discount? @fredyge94

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Base Macan doesn’t have much… can’t really compare to a X5 with that many options ($75k MSRP). You really need to see if you’re ok paying that and what you’re getting in the Macan.

I’ve had plenty of Macan loaners, but I think the sweet spot for that is the Macan S (personal preference).

Yeah my personal prefenrence is also Macan S but, I couldn’t find any service loaners. If anyone know or have deals on Macan S, i am willing to listen.

Algo 49k, Carwana 47k

This is a very very good deal. Take it. You get a 5 yr/unlimited warranty and better resale value. You are on the right track on your reasonings for the Macan.