Porsche Macan S 2019 Lease

2019 Macan S in southern texas
$1008/month, $0 down and $0 due at signing
3 year lease, 12k miles per year
0.0019 MF
54% residual
$5,974 discount, $70080 MSRP

If i were to finance, amount due would be 69,460.54$ after taxes, $0 down for 72 months is 1249/month. I prefer to have the lower lease payment and be locke dinto the vehicle and then get out of it when the time comes.

Thoughts on this folks? i tried to get the link close on the value but its off by $45 or so.

I saw a broker and dealer each leasing Macans on the forum recently. Looked more attractive than this dollar for dollar, but they were base.

Search the marketplace and reach out to them.

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Did you see this thread?


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Finance vs. lease doesn’t really depend on the monthly payment (unless you cannot afford $1249, in which case I urge you to not spend $1008). What’s the APR on the finance option?

I don’t think leasing, if you live in Texas, makes any sense. Why would you willingly pay tax for the full capitalized cost (around $64k in your example), even though you’re only using 46% of the car (plus interest) over 3 years? This is one of the ‘gotchas’ of living in a state with no (state) income tax.


Plus, by rolling the taxes into the lease, on top of everything else, you’re now paying the 4.56% interest on the tax. Just buy the car.

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This car retains value pretty well. What’s the interest rate to purchase versus lease? If you finance and sell at 36 months, you may come out ahead. May be worth it.

Have just been told its 8.9% by default :unamused:

4% apr and 72month brings finance to 1087, with 7k down goes to 978. Rather just keep the money and take the chance selling it after 2-3 years which is what has been happening last 7 years since I moved to the states. This is why i feel leasing makes sense since I jump in and out so much, atleast I would be locked in.

I was just quoted $799 for this vehicle, 3K DAS, 12k, 39 months.

I would just get 2 SQ5’s for that price :laughing:

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Where did you get this quote from? same dealer or another state for similar priced?