Porsche lease deals?

Wouldn’t this make a good lease hack??

Conquest Offer : $4,500 cash back on select Porsche models
$4,500 Offer
Applies to select new 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster, 911, Cayenne, and Cayenne E-Hybrid.
Offer only valid 1-04-2017 through 3-31-2017
Customers currently leasing a competitive vehicle that are 90+ days from maturity of the competitive lease will receive a “Welcome to Porsche” credit equivalent to the value of 3 payments (at a maximum of $1,500/payment) based on their existing competitive lease. Customer Account Eligibility: Customers with a currently-active competitive (non-Porsche of any make) lease for a new vehicle (as detailed by their existing lease agreement). To be considered active, the customer must have at least three payments due as of the contract date for the eligible new Porsche model. That will be determined by the PFS contract date being greater than 90 days from the maturity date of the existing lease. Payoff, trade-in, or return of the existing competitive lease is not required.
See State Disclaimer *

Residuals and MF seem manageable

Old post from 2016


I think you are on to something.
So, in theory, if you nego 10% off MSRP on base boxster, apply the 4.5 k cash back and do 5k miles a year for 27 months, you would be looking at 687 a month for a 67k which is oh so close to the 1% MSRP guideline lol

MF 0.0020
24 months 27 months 30 months
911 69% 67% 65%
911S 67% 65% 63%

The above residuals are for 15k miles/year. You add 5% to all residuals for 5k miles/year.

You must be leasing a current car with a $1500/month payment to get the entire $4500 savings…

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I think the rebate is 3 payments up to 4500. So if you payment is 600 the rebate is 1800.

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Correct. You can’t get more than the value of your 3 lease payments.

Personally, I think the Boxster is dollar-for-dollar a great value sports car. However, when you get older, driving a Boxster becomes “weird” … you kind of have to get the 911

What he/she said. :point_up_2::point_up:

Thanks guys for noticing that little thing about the Porsche lease credit being a max. So, in theory, if I do a maybach lease deal then I do a porsche lease deal, I save an extra 4.5k. Boom lol;)

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if you have some hangup with the Boxster and aging, you can always get a Cayman . It’s better than both.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to put my flame suit on.

I know some people do, but I’ve never thought that way. Especially since modern Boxsters are genuinely quick (986s weren’t), have the engine in the right place and aren’t burdened with two practically useless rear seats*

*I know, there will always be an exception, like someone with two 5-year old twins or something but generally speaking they are fairly useless.

Ignoring driving dynamics, lower depreciation is perhaps the strongest argument for buying a 911 over a Cayman/Boxster. If you look at the depreciation curves, the 911 curve really flattens out after 3 years with very minimal depreciation in years 4-15.

I drove the new 718 Boxster last week. It’s tough coming from high-horsepower cars down to a small engine in the 718. ex. 550i, M6, E63, Ferrari, Hellcat, Huracan, etc. I put the pedal to the floor and it whined and whirred and the PDK transmission is the fastest in the world hands-down but there was something missing. I didn’t get thrown back into my seat. I didn’t feel like I was getting launched out of a cannon (Huracan) I didn’t feel like was ripping a hole in the road (Hellcat).

It’s a good convertible I suppose???

This would have to be a SCREAMING deal for me to jump on IMO.

You can put this Boxster inside your Mayback like an “escape car” - -lol

They make more sense in Europe where it is all about corners and handling rather than 1/4 mile times etc. I loved my Boxster and my Honda S2000 but would get little hoy from them in LA unless I went out into the canyons. (Hence the Hellcat!)

@Ross How did you know? I actually like my old 2000 Boxster. Had a baby and wife asked me to get a 4-seater so I got a 911 (she thought it was going to be a sedan). It was fast enough, the wind deflector looked like somebody actually cared, the mid-engine was nice with both frunk and trunk. The 911 wind deflector is pretty much tacked on. For the price, it is a much greater value. The 911 seats in the back are useless but I can shuttle the kids around.

The new 2016 Cayman was nice too but no “useless” seats in the back so wasn’t going to be practical (yes, the 911 is not practical too for the kids but they can walk :wink:

I should also get better, less snobbish friends or just ignore them :slight_smile: … now I got you guys!

@Jason_B tell me about it … nobody wants to give me a deal on a used 2014 … have to go to year 4 (2012) to get a 911 to ~$55-60k, otherwise they are still not depreciated enough for a purchase. Still looking for one …

Not sure I agree with that or that the data does

Guy did a pretty nice analysis on YouTube. Data points support the notion.