Porsche Executive Demo Question


I was wondering whether people have experience with or opinions on whether Porsche dealers have executive demo’s for lease. I don’t see them on the local dealers websites (I am in Georgia) as I do when looking at Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc.

I am looking to lease (2-3 years, 10K/year) small to mid luxury SUV’s, and it seems that Porsche tends to have significantly higher residual values compared to other similar models (Macan vs Q5, X3, XC60, etc). If you are able to get a discount via an executive demo model, in combination with the higher RV, it would significantly offset the higher MSRP for a lease. This is especially true in current market where even the best deals for other luxury brands are only 5-10% off MSRP.

Am I missing something? Thanks!

Porsche’s interest rates on leases (MF) are terrible. Better to buy! Definitely will not be a better deal than a Mercedes, Audi, or BMW. Q5s have a pretty good discount, but all leases are not great.


Most will be under used/CPO because of marketing guidelines. We have all our demos under our used car selection. But many Porsche dealers are struggling with inventory and loaner vehicles, so they are not really getting retired since there is nothing to replace them.

With that said, you will have to find a 2022 or 2023. 2021s are not under the new car leasing programs and different criteria. It could still make sense if it is a cheap car with low miles, but many dealers don’t want to bother with CPO leasing programs since they are complicated. Also if the car has over 1000 miles, there is a 30 cent RV reduction for each mile. Maybe if you do some extreme shopping you can score a worthwhile discount on a weird build or color, but I am selling ex-loaner 22s for MSRP (or very close to it) with the CPO warranty. I don’t know if @aronchi sells in your area, but he has some good deals on new ones.


Thanks! Really appreciate the info and looking forward to see if @aronchi is able to help out. We are not in a rush, but eventually need to get an SUV with our first baby on the way.

Thanks - yeah, makes sense that the MF would kill that deal. Unfortunately, buying/financing isn’t an option due to company logistics. So I am only looking at lease options.

An SUV for one baby?


The baby is not the issue - its all the crap that you have to carry for road trips and long-distance traveling that requires more space than our two current smaller sedans. Day to day - theres no need for an SUV.

Macan is a questionable candidate. Once your baby is 12 months old you’ll ditch the relatively small infant seat for a much larger RF convertible seat.