Porsche Cayman 2018 Please Help Me :)

Hi Guys,

Disclaimer - I am a huge newb, I am really sorry if what I am writing below is incomprehensible.

I’ve been looking around for a 2018 or 2019 Cayman Base - I am trying to get them down to 2.5k down and 650 mthly for 7.5k miles. Do you guys think that is feasible? I am negotiating with a few and am fairly close, however there is one sitting in inventory that I feel like they are really trying to close up by end of year. I inquired and stated a need for a substantial discount from the MSRP listed and below is what they gave me - which is obviously a ridiculous monthly pmt. The thing is I feel like I can really maybe negotiate with them given their sense of urgency to get something on the books in December. My next step was to ask about the MF, and the 7.5k miles. What do you guys think I should be doing?

Thank you again so much for all of your help!!


  • 2018 cayman stock # 180227

  • MSRP: $67,330

  • Your discount (15%): $10,099.50

  • Your Price: $57,230.50

  • For a 36 months lease with $2500 out of pocket, your payment will be $1,089.85 per month

  • For a 39 months lease with $2500 out of pocket, your payment will be $1,058.86 per month

  • Both terms are with 10,000 / year

What is the MF and RV? It’s the important piece of information. ,:grinning:

Porsche MF is high to begin with

Ok thank you both so so much - I will check in on both MF and RV. Thank you for your time!!

Realistically you just missed the opportunity on these. Last month Porsche had special rates and deals going on. This month they marked it all back up.

Kristina. Reach out to Boston carconcierge. He posted some awesome cayman deals last month. 80k Cayman S for under 700. Now those deals are over , but his connections are good!

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ummm…I’ll sell u my lease for much less than that…but yes reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge.

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You already want to get rid of it?

if the price is right haha…on to the next hack.

Sold my i3 lease and totally regretting it even though I made a few bucks…I know it’s fugly, but damn, it is the most economical car on the planet. Must get another i3 ASAP

Ok that sounds reasonable. If the story changes you will need to join hackrs anonymous. :joy::rofl:

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MF is .0032 and RV is 51%, does that make sense?

I think it’s .0028 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is into the .003 zone

After all it is Porsche :slight_smile:

Last month the rates were waaaaaay better, unfortunately if you want one now you’ll pay far more. Value-wise you would be better off going for a base Jaguar F-Type or even a Maserati GranTurismo, but with sports cars it all depends what you’re looking for and what you like best.

Hey Kristina!

Where are you located?

If you’re wiling to come up to MA or NH, I can get you a significantly better deal.

Thanks for the shoutouts guys!

Thank you all you guys are awesome - Happy Holidays! Really appreciate the help. Mike I just PMed you.