Porsche cayenne, benz GLE 350 leases

New to forum - i usually own, but looking to lease a gle 350 (64k sticker) or a porsche cayenne plant edition (74k sticker) in the NY / NJ area

the quotes i got (which is without haggling)
Merc - 4200k up front (no down payment)
monthly of 680 (3 yr 7500k per year)
they gave me a 5% discount on the sticker

883/ month
$5300 up front
74k sticker – dropped to 70k
44k residual
7500 miles per year and 39 months

I have been hearing that Porsche has a much higher MF so hence the higher payments – but want to confirm this

anyone have any thoughts on the above - and what is a decent deal on the above cars – any help is appreciated


Porsches lease atrociously. GLE doesn’t lease fantastically but it will be better than a Porsche. Your deal on the GLE is atrocious. Search the forum to see what others have gotten them for in the past months. Find a demo and negotiate on that.

everything that @BoardWalkNJ said is correct

Those discounts are atrocious. Anything not selling at 10% or more off MSRP is not going to lease well in general

Hire a broker as I feel you will get taken advantage off otherwise.

any good brokers u recommend in the NYC area?

Can u wait for the new body GLE to come out? RV will be better than current which is in it’s runout year. You may be able to find a demo or loaner but you have to ask the dealer. Porsche, tough to get decent #’s.

Porsche will be worth more in the end and is way way more fun to drive.
My sister just leased a cayenne …here was the quoted she got…In the end she got them to drop $1000 more and reduce they MF markup in half texas is state where tax is rolled in which sucks

Why would you get a Porsche for that ridiculous amount when you can get 2 GLEs for that? Or a GLE and a 330i demo and still have enough to pay for the additional insurance

Come on. That Porsche lease is easily equal the monthly for
A) 2 X5
B) 3 stelvios
C) 4 QX 60s
D) 5 Highlanders
E) 6 Terrains
F) 10 volts one pay
G) 15 encores one pay

Lots of people have FU money to burn,Makes a great business write off.

The quality between MB and Porsche is night and day.If you have never drove one its worth it.

Plus you could just buy it and get a cheap loan from a credit union. Porsche lease rate is near 6%