Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo record breaking lap at “the ring”

I think The Stig was driving! Pretty awesome run at the ring!


Stuff like this kind of puts a black mark on Alonso and Toyota winning Lemans, since those Porsches were close to unbeatable.

How much does it lease for?
What does this has anything to do with this forum…

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Watching the video makes me dizzy, I can’t even imagine being inside that thing.

oh, my bad. Love the video.

I had to watch it twice to follow the speeds on the bottom of the video. He was hitting 320+ on the straight. That is INSANE!

That’s in KM/H FYI. This is still incredibly impressive. The 919 (and driver) is insane.

Apples and oranges. This car is completely unregulated and is set up totally different than the 919 they raced in LeMans.

This year is was basically Toyota’s race to lose with no other manufacturer teams in the top class. 2016 Toyota was in the lead a good portion of the race until the final lap, and 2017 they set a track record in qualifying so it wasn’t like the 919 was blowing the doors off their car when they did race together in LeMans.

History will remember Alonso as a LeMans winner, the specifics of his win won’t matter. I don’t think anyone will rebuke that fact with “buttt the 919 evo smashed the track record at the Nurburgring”

True, but there’s a bit of an asterisk thanks to the lack of Porsche and Audi, which is too bad. Still happy for the guy though.