Porsche 2020 Panamera 4 base deal check

Hi all,

I’m looking for a panamera lease and here’s the quotes. I’m wondering if this is a good deal? Thanks!!

MSRP $100,650
Selling price $95,591
MF .00183
Residual $57,371
Cap cost reduction: $9,495
Doc fee: $489
Monthly payment: $1059

No, it’s not a good deal. You are paying over half of the purchase price to lease it for only three years. How much do you like the Panamera over other options? Because we have seen much better luxury full size deals.

@fredyge94 might be able to provide insight at Manhattan Motor Cars, at this rate why not buy a late model year CPO?

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For god’s sake do not do $9k down.

And 5% discount on a Panamera is paltry. 10% discount is your target.

Everything about this stinks.

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Porsches hold value well enough where I often find the better deal is to buy new. There’s nothing like spec’ing out your own Porsche on the configurator… much better than being limited to the stupid choices of dealers or other people :joy:

Just to note, 2021’s are getting a refresh so it may affect negotiating ability on a 2020 (but also may reduce residual).

This is awful. Why not just finance it for 72 months. You will need a bigger discount. I am no Porsche expert, but paying more than $1k a month on a base model is outrageous. You are also nearly putting down $10k.
Terrible deal.

Thanks all! Glad I posted here first… I’ll push back to see if I can get a better offer.

Your best bet is to reach out to multiple dealers.

Will do, thanks!

As others have said, this is definitely an awful deal. I’d shoot for a 10% discount although in years past I have seen others get up to 12-15% discounts on higher msrp base panamera’s. Don’t know if a discount that large is even possible anymore given current market conditions…

Keep us posted! Very interested to see how well you end up doing as I aim to help my father get into a similar vehicle later this year when his current lease matures :+1: